Our Team

Eureka’s Team comprises of more than 40 qualified and dedicated individuals who provide quality therapy in a fun and productive setting . It includes Supervisors, Therapists and Administrative staff. Scroll below to learn more about them and the roles they play in your child’s ABA journey.

What Does a Program
Supervisors/Co-supervisors Do?

A Program Supervisors/Co-supervisor oversees all clinical aspects of patient’s therapy. They create and modify patient’s program and develop Behaviour Intervention Plans. They supervise the behaviour therapists and provide ongoing training. The Supervisor will analyse ABA data and observe your child with their therapists on a regular basis. Meetings are held with the family monthly to discuss your child’s progress. Parent training and home consultations are provided as needed. The Supervisor updates assessments every 12 months and creates NDIS progress reports upon request.
She/He also collaborates with other providers to ensure all therapy strategies integrate with child’s goals.

What do Behavioural
Therapists Do?

All Therapists provide 1:1 ABA therapy under the direction of a program supervisor. They run programs as directed/according to the program guide, take Trial-by-trial data and graph. Your Therapist will also identify client reinforcers and preferences, take ABC data, identify the function of and effectively respond to challenging behaviours. The Therapist shall provide informative feedback on the session’s proceedings to the parents/caregivers and constantly communicate with other therapists on the team.

The Senior Therapist on your team in addition, oversees the team of junior therapists, communicates with and updates team members on changes to programs, new goals and/or challenging behaviours. She/He works closely with Program Supervisor and Parents providing feedback on therapy progress and challenging behaviors. The Senior Therapist monitors program data to ensure programs are being run correctly while organising and actively participating in team clinical meetings.