Tips for Grocery Shopping with Your Child

  Hey Parents!  We know grocery shopping with a child on the spectrum can be challenging at times. Here are a few helpful tips that may help you get your get in and out of the grocery store successfully! Keep little hands busy from grabbing items outside of the cart by giving your child something […]

How to help your child expand their diet

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the potential causes of picky eating and provide tips that you can try at home to improve this behavior.   Disclaimer Eating and feeding is a complex set of skills. There can be some medical issues surrounding picky/selective eating. Therefore, it’s essential to contact your child’s […]

10 ABA Therapy Terms To Know

Learn more about these common terms you’ll likely hear during ABA therapy Has your child recently started ABA therapy? Or, did your child recently receive an autism diagnosis? As you seek out resources to help your family down this path, you may start to hear new terms that are foreign to you, making meetings with specialists confusing or […]

Staying Calm During A Meltdown

How do you feel when your child with Autism is loud, crying, screaming, dropping to the floor, sometimes trying to hurt themselves in the process, etc.? Do you why they are reacting this way? Do you get upset and react verbally and loudly? Do you take out your anger by breaking something or ripping something? […]

Eating at Restaurants with Your Child

Sharing time with family over a tasty meal is one of the ways that we get to create a meaningful bond with our loved ones. For many parents, the prospect of loading everyone into the family van for a planned or impromptu meal can be a bit overwhelming. Have no fear! There are some steps […]

15 Home Safety Tips for Children with Autism

Your home has served many purposes over the last year — it’s become a gym, a school, a restaurant, an office and most importantly — is still the place your family gathers at the end of the day to laugh, relax and spend time together. For families with children with autism, ensuring their home is a safe […]